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Kathy Marshall Emerson
NRRC Executive Director
The National Resilience Resource Center (NRRC) was established to assist school, community, and organizational leaders in learning to tap natural, innate health and resilience in themselves and others. The goal is seeing all students, employees, residents, clients, or organizations as "at promise" rather than as "at risk."
Dedicated to Fostering Resilience of Children, Adults, Communities and Systems
“We believe every person has the capacity for natural resilience and that it can be tapped and brought forth. This requires both traditional supportive environmental protective factors identified in research, and activation of natural internal protective mechanisms emanating from an individual’s thinking and understanding. These internal principles – an inside out process—play a critically important role in realizing resilience. Our services are built on this foundation.” 
This operating philosophy is grounded in resilience research spanning more than 60 years in a wide variety of disciplines. The primary NRRC strategy for tapping resilience was developed from a best practice known as principles for realizing health. This resilience operating philosophy is the foundation for ongoing NRRC educational programs and technical assistance designed to promote full human development and well-being, and to improve program outcomes. The National Resilience Resource Center LLC continues the work which Marshall Emerson originated at the University of Minnesota more than 20 years ago with a combination of public and private funding and service fees.
National Resilience Resource Center (NRRC) provides:
  • Training
  • Conference keynotes, presentations
  • Systems change initiatives
  • Technical assistance and consultation
  • Customized special services
  • Selected workshops on emerging topics

NRRC offers both brief and extended services customized to meet the needs of schools, community-based organizations, collaboratives, other health and human service organizations. The long-term process of systems change has historically spanned two to five years or more. Program evaluation outcomes show when people understand how they operate from the inside-out, lives improve and community systems are enhanced. Our trainings are conducted with fidelity and consistency. Essential prerequisites apply for organizations and systems.

The Center does offer selected programs for individuals and teams who are not engaged in a system-wide resilience initiative. Topical presentations, conference keynotes, consultation, and other services are also provided selectively.

Charitable Efforts
To extend the reach of NRRC and support especially promising entities, two training projects may be collaboratively undertaken annually as a charitable service. A competitive application process will identify one American and one international organizational recipient. See details.

NRRC is also committed to electronic dissemination of selected seminal resources and informational materials available on this site. Selective writing and consultation are also undertaken. NRRC is in service to individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering resilience and understanding principles for realizing health.

NRRC Trainers
Marshall Emerson relies on a cadre of carefully selected senior trainers who have worked with her for many years. These collaborating specialized expert facilitators represent a variety of professions. All have a deep lived understanding of the NRRC resilience principles and solid experience working with children and adults, as well as agencies and organizations. 

Marshall Emerson, who personally facilitates much of the NRRC LLC training, studied at the University of Southern California as a National Defense Education Act Fellow to complete a Masters and additional doctoral work in Communication. She retired from the University of Minnesota after 20 years where she created and directed the National Resilience Resource Center. She presently leads the private NRRC LLC and continues to offer CSpH 5201, Spirituality and Resilience, at the University. Marshall Emerson’s publications for The Carter Center and other entities are posted on this site. She assisted selected communities is securing public and private funding for long-term community projects dedicated to changing systems and enhancing the health of helpers. Her goal is to facilitate the transition of leadership to trainers and others dedicated to carrying on this work.

Academic Courses
Kathy Marshall Emerson also teaches a graduate course, Spirituality and Resilience, offered at the University of Minnesota through the Center for Spirituality and Healing. CSpH 5201 is scheduled for two credits spring and summer semesters annually. Directed studies may also be arranged.
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